The 15 Best B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies To Scale Your Business

In a parallel world, scaling your SaaS business is as smooth as butter. You get a new lead. You give them a walkthrough of your product. They seem interested. They become your paid customers. Voila, they are your paid customer.

Reality? Finding even a single such customer takes you through hell a lot of pain. You have to smash your head left and right to market your business and scale it up to reach your customers. 

But, the good news is you can find a B2B SaaS marketing agency to be the backbone of your business. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 different B2B SaaS marketing agencies who are acing at their specialty to help you choose the right one for you.

Factors to Look at When Deciding Which B2B SaaS Marketing Agency to Choose?

When choosing a B2B SaaS marketing agency—look at your SaaS business first.

  • What are the things you are nailing?
  • What are you struggling with? 

Once you study your strengths and weaknesses, you can start looking for the right agency. Here are a few questions you need to ask while finding the right agency for your SaaS business.

Which service do you want?

Have clarity on your business needs. When you know what you are struggling with in your business, you’ll have better clarity on the right agency for your business.

Suppose you are struggling with reaching your first 100 paying customers—so you focus on your content marketing efforts instead of leveraging outbound marketing.

Do the internal brainstorming and identify what exactly you are looking for. Ask questions:

  • Is your positioning right?
  • Are you targeting and attracting your target audience?
  • Where is the gap or why are the leads not converting? 
  • Is it the pricing strategy you need to change? 
  • Do you need to invest in paid marketing? 

What is the growth stage of your SaaS?

Think about the stage of your SaaS business. In the elemental stage, use an agency if you need external support sending cold outreach campaigns to potential customers. In the growth stage, amplify them to launch your product in the market. In the mature stage, maximize paid ads and content marketing.

What marketing capabilities do you have?

Most SaaS businesses need help in marketing activities—SEO, PR, Ads Management, and Sales outreach. Before reaching out to agencies, look at the expertise your in-house team has. 

  • Are they specialized in content marketing?
  • Have they run paid ads and seen success with it?
  • Are they well-versed with SEO?

Introspect the things your in-house team can do. But make sure your team is the best in their skills otherwise you might end up wasting more time and resources. Find what are the tasks or roles your in-house team may need help in. This is where you might need to onboard a B2B SaaS marketing agency. 

15 B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies

Ready to dive in? Here’s a list of 15 diverse B2B SaaS marketing agencies—from PR and digital marketing to SEO and demand generation.

Samurai Marketers

With a partnership-based approach to building links (instead of spammy links), Samurai Marketers run by Shaurya pushes your content to its full potential to get you the desired traffic. What sets them apart? The agency doesn’t overwhelm you with 10 different offerings—and focuses on marketing your business with link building. 

What sets the agency apart? Well, two things.

One is the clientele that includes biggies like Ahrefs, Ardent Growth, and FTF agency.

Two, their work focuses on bringing Google penalty safe links and the links that sit on real business websites. 

Location: Ghaziabad, India

Type of Agency: Link Building

Case Studies:

Single Grain

Run by Eric Siu, Single Grain is an award-winning B2B SaaS marketing agency that  SEO, PPC, content marketing, and paid social media Ads. They have executed growth strategies for industry giants like Amazon, Uber, Nordstrom, and venture-backed startups. From building their own SaaS to offering growth strategies to SaaS, they have done it all—and probably the reason they pride themselves in what they do.

The agency started out as an SEO company and today prides itself as a full-service digital marketing agency. When Eric says they are the best, there is a reason. They have tried and tested the marketing strategies on their brand which has led them to run a Digital Marketing blog with over 3,50,000 visitors/ month, a podcast called Marketing School with 1.6 million downloads/ month, and a Youtube channel with more than 65,000/ month. 

Location: Oregon, United States

Type of Agency: SEO & PPC

Case Studies:

UC Marketing Ltd 

UC Marketing LTD is a niche-specific content marketing agency for Unified Comms, collaboration, and contact center space—maximizing inbound traffic. Dominic, the founder of the agency has spent 10+ years running consultancy projects in these industries establishing him as the “best” in the services his agency offers. This is your go-to agency if you are looking to generate inbound leads via long-form content marketing—writing and refreshing blog posts and white papers.

Location: St Columb Major, Great Britain

Type of Agency: Content Marketing

Case Study: 

Powered by Search

Run by Dev Basu, Powered by Search has driven over $100M+ in revenue for its clients. The agency aims to power up B2B software companies and specializes in organic and paid search, organic traffic acquisition, creating compelling copywriting, and creating and promoting content that speaks to ideal customers. The team is well-organized with processes and workflows and follows a strategic approach—from running campaigns to creating content for businesses.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Type of agency: Content Marketing & Demand Generation

Case Studies: 

Smash Digital

Want to catalyze SEO? Smash Digital recognizes itself as out-of-the-box creative and abides by what they say. Founder Travis Jamison owns a handsome business portfolio that uses SEO as the main traffic source making the agency more credible. The agency tests, reinvents, and creates systems to drive targeted visitors with services—fully managed SEO, SEO audit, and link building.

Location: Asheville, NC

Type of Agency: SEO & Linkbuilding

Case Studies:


If you ask for a specialized agency in SaaS, it has to be Directive. Why? Because each team member is a software expert here with a goal—to fill their customers’ sales pipeline. The agency helps marketers at software companies exceed their lead, opportunity, deal, and revenue goals through offerings—customer-led SEO, paid media, design, revenue operations, video, and strategy.

Location: Irvine, California

Type of Agency: Performance Marketing:

Case Studies:


Run by the master of content distribution Ross Simmonds, Foundation is a content marketing agency that offers you all things content marketing—content strategy, content creation, content distribution, and case studies.

Because Ross himself recognizes as a content distribution pro, there’s not an inch of doubt when choosing the agency. In fact, the solid content, its website, and a solid-proof newsletter are proof of how the agency nails its content distribution. 

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Type of Agency: Content Marketing 

Case Studies: 

Beam Content

“Call us your content besties”—yes, that’s what Beam Content wants its clients to consider. The agency aims to create better B2B content for its clients. Whether you are looking for external help with content strategy, long-form and short-form content, or content production, they help you set yourself up. 

Cofounded by brilliant minds—Brooklin Nash, Becca Nash, and Sam Hembree, this B2B marketing agency has worked with SaaS companies like Outreach, Dooly, and Groundswell.

Why choose them? Brooklin Nash comes with an incredible experience in SaaS content marketing having worked as Head of Content at Sales Hacker and Content Marketing Manager at Outreach.

Becca comes with an experience of 5+ years in B2B content—making her the right person to understand the nitty grow=itty of the industry.

Sam was the content producer at SalesHacker and content marketer at Outreach maximizing podcasts for these SaaS companies. 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type of Agency: Content Marketing

Case Studies:


If SEO enablement and performance marketing are your challenges, Speargrowth is your rescue. Founded by Ishant Shakunta, a digital marketer with incredible experience in working with companies—from early startups to bootstrap. His agency has worked with B2B SaaS companies like Darwinbox, Hasura, Whishworks, and more, and earned a 3-star rating on Glassdoor and Clutch for their incredible work. 

Location: Delhi, India

Type of Agency: Performance Marketing & SEO Enablement

Case Studies:


Optimist is a premium full-service content marketing agency for product-led companies. Started by Tyler Hakes, the agency has a team of 20+ members working remotely with full-time freelancers who have years of experience under their belt.

Tyler has solid expertise in content and SEO.  He is well-versed with link building and runs a community called Top of the Funnel for all content marketers. Clearly: he is the master of content marketing offering services in three verticals—startups, SaaS, and B2B. They have worked with some of the best clients including Content Stack, Send Bird, Hello Sign, and Submittable.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Type of Agency: SEO-focused Content Marketing

Case Studies: 

The Blogsmith

If content marketing is your #1 challenge and you want to support it with long-form content, The Blogsmith covers them up for you. Run by Maddy Osman, the agency has authoritative clients like Hubspot and Moz under its belt. 

What makes this agency stand out? Maddy’s in-depth knowledge on writing, content marketing, and SEO which she exclusively displays in her bestselling book on Amazon—Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style. Her aim with the agency: to help brands connect to their search prospects with high-quality, detailed content and SEO. 

Location: Lakewood, Colorado

Type of Agency: SEO Content Marketing

Case Studies:

Demand Maven

If you are an early-stage SaaS founder or brand struggling to get your first 100 customers, then DemandMaven has got your back. Whether you are looking for a GTM strategy or growth engagement—the agency helps your B2B SaaS brand build the first acquisition program, generating demand for products and hitting the growth goals consistently. 

Asia Orangio, the Founder of DemandMaven is a 2X SaaS marketer for two VC-funded startups and an ex-board member of Moz. Her agency has turned reputed brands like Userlist, Testpad, and Uplisting profitable. At glance: the agency re-positioned the product in a crowded market and increased MRR by 30%, and increased the visitor sign-up rate by 68%. 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type of Agency: Demand Generation

Case Study:

Advance B2B

“B2B”—exactly who this marketing agency serves and scales up. Advance B2B is Hubspot Diamond Certified Agency Partner and a growth agency that drives revenue for B2B SaaS and subscription-based businesses. 

The agency does this with two things—strategic brand marketing + tactical performance, and new customer acquisition + customer retention. Some of their clients include Shortcut, Drift, and TalentCore.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Type of Agency: Growth Marketing

Case Study: 

Be Omniscient

If inbound customer acquisition through content marketing is your goal, Be Omniscient is the go-to premium content marketing agency. Whether you are a software or an e-commerce company looking to turn your content efforts into a growth channel, this agency will help you. Their clientele includes top industry leaders like Hubspot, Shopify, Workato, and 

The agency is co-founded by marketing experts David Ly Khim, Alex Birkett, and Allie Decker. Each one of them is an expert.

David worked as a Project Manager at Hubspot and grew the adoption from 8K+ to 110K+ installs and adopted by a 22% customer base. 

Alex was the Growth Marketing Manager at Hubspot and brought thousands of net users to Hubspot via SEO, CRO, content, and several other tactics.

Allie was the content marketing manager at Hubspot making it credible enough why content is her alley.

Each of them is an expert when turning content into an inbound lead generation machine for their clients and the reason you should work with this agency.

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Type of Agency: Conversion-Driven Content Marketing

Case Study:

Premium Content Shop

If you are consistently amplifying content marketing to your advantage but not seeing much success, here’s what needs to be fixed—your content quality. Premium Content Shop focuses heavily on POV-driven content. Victor and his team create thought-leadership and reader-focused content—they work with subject matter experts, extract their unique point of view and create viewpoint-based content the target customers want to read. The agency creates T-shaped long-form content—their specialty with two services—content creation and content briefing. 

While their content creation service offers brands everything from suggesting topics to writing T-shaped content, the content briefing service is all about creating detailed briefs and outlines for your content team. 

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Type of Content: Content Marketing

Case Study:


Hunting for an agency that drives conversions with their copy? CaaSocio is a copywriting agency that offers SaaS copywriting packages—website copywriting, email marketing, in-app, and UX copywriting. Why choose them you ask?

Cofounders Sarah Michelle Arjasepp and Aiza Coronado come with diverse experiences. 

Sarah founded a SaaS company in tech in the eye care vertical—brings with her the knowledge of running a SaaS business.

Aiza spent 5 years as an in-house marketer and copywriter for a SaaS team—the reason to rely on her with your product adoption and conversion rate.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Type of Content: Copywriting

Case Studies:


What is the best marketing strategy for different stages of SaaS businesses?

First, there’s no general rule for the “best” marketing strategy. It depends on the stage your SaaS is in—mainly derived from the number of paying customers.

First 100 customers stage: You are still validating your idea and looking for product feedback. To find these customers, the best way is to do cold outreach—emails, LinkedIn, and Twitter—all of them work the best. When you find them, engage them via Slack group. Since they are your beta users, offer them your paid version for free and use their feedback and use case. Constantly ask them to share their feedback and the new features they would like to see in your product. 

100-1000 customers stage: At this stage, you know what the customers want from your product. This is the time to create hype around your product. Next, launch it on Product Hunt, AppSumo, and SaaS Mantra. These websites are exactly the places where your ideal customers hang out. So, get in front of them!

1000+ customers stage: Now is the time to scale your SaaS. Leverage Ads, SEO, and Thought leadership. If you have a high-end product, go for Ads. SEO and thought leadership is a fruitful process yet it’s slow and long-term. SEO takes at least a year to yield results, and so does building thought leadership on social media.

How is marketing for SaaS business different from marketing for other B2B businesses

SaaS = software as a service. Your conversions depend upon booking more demos and driving more product sign-ups. In the case of other industries, for example, e-commerce, it’s the number of sales made. 

Talking about marketing, there’s not much difference. Each industry follows similar marketing strategies but with a different approach.

When implementing influencer marketing, an e-commerce brand selling bespoke home decor will target lifestyle influencers. And a SaaS brand selling a social media analytics tool will target marketers. 

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