Boost your Rankings with high-quality niche edit backlinks on pages that rank

Our mission is to push your content to it’s full potential and get you the traffic you deserve

What exactly are Niche Edits?

Niche edits are do-follow links that are contextually edited into existing niche-relevant articles on real blogs. Niche edits are very popular among marketers because they can be acquired relatively quickly, are affordable, and are placed on pages already indexed by google.

How does this work?

You order the links

Fill up our quick order form and choose the type of links you want to order.

We get to work

Our link-building team starts building and placing your backlinks in less than 4 weeks

You get a detailed report

At the end of 4 weeks, you will get a complete report about the links built for detailed review

What sets us apart?

We go over & above

Its not all about the money for us. We make sure that our links give you results thats why we get you links on pages that rank on Google (something other agencies are not willing to do because it is difficult to scale this)

Vetting the Links with RAS and TPS

We go beyond just looking at the niche and metrics with our proprietary Ranking ability score and traffic power score. Learn more about them from the video on hour homepage

Completely Handsoff

We don’t require you to create or publish new content in order to get links. We work with the content and pages that you already have.


DR 10+

$ 65
  • Min DR 10/traffic 100

DR 20+

$ 100
  • Min DR 20/Traffic 500

DR 30+

$ 110
  • Min DR30/Traffic 500

DR 40+

$ 135
  • Min DR40/traffic 500

DR 50+

$ 165
  • Min DR50/traffic 1000


RD 100+

$ 55
  • Min 100 RD/traffic 100

RD 200+

$ 75
  • Min 200 RD/traffic 100

RD 300+

$ 99
  • Min 400 RD/traffic 100

RD 400+

$ 135
  • Min 1000/traffic 100

RD 500+

$ 135
  • Min 1500/traffic 100


The turnaround time is 30 days

so basically we find relevant pages where we can insert a link to your site and make sure that this page ranks for atleast 1 keyword in the top 100 results.

Only around 30% of the webpages rank on Google for atleast one keyword according to my research so you can imagine why other agencies are not willing to do what we do.

Absolutely real sites with real webmasters

Sorry, but we don t offer that to protect the privacy of our other clients. In the end its for your own good as a client

Yep, these are do-follow links!

Yes, we will build links for you as a replacement if your link(s) go down within 12 months of us making it live originally

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