Maximize your SEO potential with high-quality B2B backlinks

Our mission is to push your content to it’s full potential and get you the traffic you deserve

What exactly are B2B links?

Our B2B links are links placed in the relevant articles on sites of B2B Businesses or B2B publications. These are sites that don’t sell links. We have cultivated relationships with the editors of these sites over the last few years & that’s how we can get these links. Therefore, you will be able to outrank your competitors with links they can’t acquire (unless they work with us)

How does this work?

You order the links

Fill up our quick order form and choose the type of links you want to order.

We get to work

Our link-building team starts building and placing your backlinks in less than 4 weeks

You get a detailed report

At the end of 4 weeks, you will get a complete report about the links built for detailed review

What sets us apart?

Transparent System

We follow a strict system of open and honest communication about everything. We make it a priority to keep you informed about even the slightest changes so that we are on the same page.

Constant learning

We always keep expanding our knowledge base and gaining new skills to be able to adapt to unexpected changes. We constantly unveil new opportunities and help you find innovative solutions to your problems.

Delivering excellence

We set ambitious but achievable goals and deliver the results within the promised time frame. We deliver quality services of unmatched value and constantly raise the bar on our performance.

Choose your pack

DR 40 to 70

$ 300
  • DR 40 to 70/ Min Traffic 1000

DR 70+

$ 400
  • DR 70+/ Min Traffic 1000


Samurai Marketers is a boutique link building agency for SaaS brands. We work directly with marketers, editors, and site owners of different SaaS brands to add your links to their existing pieces of content where it makes sense. We have spent the last two years developing these relationships which makes all this possible

Nopes, we have developed relationships with editors of some of the best Brands in the SaaS industry over the last two years and that’s how we are able to get you the links without paying or hacking

Acc. to us, you should be building links to pages that are on page 2 for their target keyword, and/ or pages/posts are already converting well for you. Reach out to us so we can help you decide which pages to target.

Although it’s a bit difficult, we can do it most of the time. Contact us to discuss your particular case! Will you send spammy pitches to get the links affecting our brand name? Nopes, we send personalized emails to very select editors with whom we already have a relation with.

Yes, you will be charged for the links we get for you!

Usually 30 days from the day of the payment but once in a while, a link or two might take more than that. You will able to see the status of your links in the link tracking google sheet we will create for you.

The DR of the links depends on the link tier. We have two tiers: DR 40 to 70 and DR 70+

Nopes but you can contact us if you want to look at some samples.

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