AB Testing Software Space: A link-building Perspective (Analysing 24,976,420 Backlinks)

At our agency, we approach link building with a data driven approach so that the brands that work with us get more mileage out of each link that we build.

We analysed 24,976,420 backlinks and built a report in tableau and will be pasting the screenshots here but if anyone wants the raw data, reach out to us

We will be studying various SaaS categories from a linkbuilding perspective from now on and sharing it on our blog

Today we will be studying the AB testing software space by studying 3 players that are doing great SEO wise: vwo.com, abtasty.com and hotjar.com

Okay so lets dive into it:

Dofollow link velocity

Filters applied: DR40+ Links and referring domains with more than 1k traffic

As we can see abtasty is not doing so good when it comes to acquiring links while hotjar is killing it.

Vwo is doing pretty well too!

However abtasty is pretty good at acquiring DR70+ links as more than 40% of their dofollow link profile is from such sites as you can see from the following table:

Distribution of Links

In this section we will be looking at Home page vs Inner page link distribution and how many internal pages have links.

Homepage vs Inner page Link distribution

As we can see, all 3 sites have a pretty similar graph when to comes to Homepage vs Inner page distribution. All of them are in the acceptable range when to comes to this ratio.

Anchor text analysis

We analyzed the Backlinks of the top 10 pages ranking for the following keywords: ab testing, conversion rate optimization and split testing

This is the average of the anchor text distribution of the top 10 ranking URLs for the three keywords.

One thing we can see is that anyone trying to rank for these keywords should have about half of their keywords with a partial match anchor because that’s what the top 10 ranking URLs have.

Keyword: AB testing

Here we can see VWO is ranking better (at 1st position) than AB tasty.

Now it would be dishonest of us to say that vwo is ranking better just because of their anchor text distribution because Onpage SEO plays a role too however if Abtasty which is ranking at 8th position were to were to get more links with the anchor in the other and exact match categories, they surely would rank better.

Keyword: conversion rate optimization

Keyword: split testing

Page Level Analsis

Filters applied: DR20+ Links with more than 1k domain wide traffic

Keyword: AB testing

If we look at Median monthly Link velocity, we learn two things:
  1. The higher ranking URLs are building more links monthly to that particular page as opposed to the lower ranking ones
  2. Secondly, if take the average of the numbers in the third column (median link velocity), we get 5.6. So anyone who is not already on the first page needs to build at least 5 -6 links monthly to have a chance of getting their page among the top 10

Keyword: Conversion rate optimization

Keyword: Split testing

Topical analysis of the Backlinks

We ran 5 AB testing software through majestic to get a benchmark on how majestic majorly categorizes sites in this category.

Computers/software/internet/business came out on top. Intuitively too that makes sense.

Now if we get back to our 3 main sites that we are studying and put the Backlink category as a part of the total backing profile in the descending order, we get the following:

Although categories like Business and Computers do make an appearance, for these sites to rank better they should have a bigger part of their backlinks from such sites.

So there you have it!

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